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Custom Business Applications

Helping Businesses Succeed since 2012

Service Innovation is an Australian-owned IT Application and Support provider based in Brisbane Australia. We create bespoke customised business process applications tailored to the specific needs and requirements of organisations. We build from scratch to provide a unique solution that is optimised for our customers’ particular business processes and workflows.

Business Benefits

A customised business process application, also known as a bespoke application, is built specifically for a particular business and its unique needs, whereas off-the-shelf applications are pre-built and are designed to be used by a wide range of businesses. There are several business benefits to using a customised business process application over off-the-shelf applications.



Service innovation can increase the effectiveness of your employees by providing them with a customised business process application that is is tailored to the unique processes and requirements of your business. Securely accessible from anywhere there is internet access, this increases productivity, reduces employee frustration, and improves job satisfaction.

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We understand that our customers need to constantly adapt to changing market conditions. Our applications enable our customers to respond with agility and flexibility and grow as their business and IT needs change. Customised business process applications can be easily modified and updated to accommodate changes in business processes, policies, or technology. This flexibility can help a business stay competitive and adapt to new challenges.

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Lower Risk

Our customised business process applications are designed with advanced security features inbuilt to protect sensitive business data. No more lost data on lost laptops. All data is live and stored securely on servers, with regular backups. In addition, all business data can be downloaded by the business owner at any time.

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Reduce Cost

Our customised business process applications can be more cost-effective than relying on multiple off-the-shelf applications. Customised applications can be designed to handle multiple business processes, whereas off-the-shelf applications may require the purchase and maintenance of multiple applications to handle different processes. With nothing to install (web based), and no updates needed (all managed centrally) there is a significantly reduced support cost.

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Our applications give businesses a competitive advantage by streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and providing a unique solution for the company’s needs. One of the key advantages our customers tell us they get from using our custom applications is better end-to-end visibility of the processes being managed by the application. A better understanding of your business means more informed decision making and, ultimately, improved competitiveness.

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